Helping Dogs in Need to Find Their Forever Homes

It is with great sadness, Amethyst Dog Rescue is closing down on 30th September, 2020.

Amethyst Dog Rescue Spain would like to send our sympathy to Audrey’s family who will now know that she passed on the morning of 25th September. The world mourns a true rescue angel, a warrior and a soldier who was not afraid to stand up and rescue dogs. There are many furever friends on both sides of the bridge who have been supported by her. She will be leaving a huge hole in the rescue world, and we will never forget her strength, her fortitude and her belief that it was the right thing to stand up, be heard and to continue to save these souls. Please, join us in wishing her a safe journey to the other side, and to her renewing old acquaintances and reuniting with Dave, who is waiting for her. Other furry and not so furry friends will also be there for her and will guide her on her way. We salute her courage and her bravery and send her our love and faith in memory of one very special lady that it has been a personal privilege to know. DEP/RIP Audrey Bullen, gone but never to be forgotten. Please continue to support the rescue of dogs in her memory. It is the least we can do for this special lady. xxx

Our two remaining rescues, have been taken on by PAWS who will look after them and find them homes on our behalf. We will donate any remaining funds in our account to PAWS upon closure.

Thank you for your support over the last years, and please, continue to stand up and support the rescue of innocent dogs in our memory.