We put a lot of thought, time, love and care in to all the dogs we rescue. Their needs always come first so it goes without saying that we are just as diligent when it comes to finding them their forever homes.

A full list of dogs currently in need of their forever sofa may be found here.

If you are interested in adopting any of our dogs please complete the Adoption Application form.

Subject to receiving your application back suitably completed we can then reserve the dog for you pending a home check visit. This is where one of our network will visit you at your home (wherever you may be in Europe or the USA) and complete and return the paperwork we send them. We then contact you to confirm whether we think you and the dog are a good match. If so then the next step is to arrange transport and we ask all adopters to cover transport costs. All adopters MUST sign and return an adoption contract before the dog travels.

We do not charge a fixed adoption fee but we do ask for adopters within Spain to cover transport and any vet fees paid out for vaccinations, passport and chip, etc. For international adoptions we welcome donations from adopters but we recognise that transport is more expensive. We only use TRACES approved (or the Spanish equivalent of TRACES) transport for rescue dogs to the UK to comply with DEFRA rules and European law. All dogs that travel internationally are chipped to ADRS here in Spain and we ask all adopters to send us proof they have registered the chip correctly in the UK so that the dog is always protected.

All adult dogs we send for adoption will be castrated or spayed first wherever possible. Any dog that is not sterilised before adoption (eg either due to being a puppy that is too young or for other health reasons) will only be given for adoption if the adopter agrees to sterilise within a time frame specified on the contract. We ask adopters to get their vet to confirm to us once their dog has been neutered.

Finally we are ALWAYS here to help adopters with any issues that may arise throughout the dog´s life. If ever you find you are no longer able to keep any dog you adopted from us we ask that you contact us and do not contact any other rescue association or go to the vet to euthanise your pet.

Thank you for your interest and support.