Flash is a pure bred German shepherd rescued from the perrera within a day of going in as he was obviously injured and in pain. He was found down a 3metre hole with a stick in his ear, which caused a perforated ear-drum. He also had wounds on his legs and a chain hit scar on his nose. His wonderful Foster carer took him straight to the vet who treated the ear infection and waited for the perforation to heal, as there is no treatment for this. It is a long process, and took a few months to heal, as there is no treatment for this, but in the meantime, his leg wounds healed and he began to realise that life was not all about suffering.. He is a typical large German shepherd male and has always been very good with people even when in pain – his vet doesn’t even muzzle him before check-ups and treatments now.
He also had a classic stress reaction where he got angry with himself and chewed his flanks, to a greater or lesser degree, but with patience and time, he has now stopped causing himself injury – and any anger within him was always directed at himself, never at anyone else.
His skin and fur are now in great condition and he loves to be brushed and stroked – putting his head in your lap to ask nicely.. He loves to lick the olive oil used to massage and help his wounds heal – so keep him away from your salad dressing!
He is castrated, vaccinated and now ready for his forever home. Disinterested in cats, plays regularly with female dogs and puppies but no opportunity to test him with other males. He is very human focused, needs someone who understands him, and that he will want to please, not someone who wants to dominate him – like all of his breed, he needs a leader.. He takes his time to get to know you before fully trusting you, but when he does he is a total joy, a beautiful, gentle boy….(time can be a few days – no longer). It is clear his foster experience is the first love and care he has received so he is a wise youngster, now in his fourth year (date of birth is October 2014).
He will be a wonderful companion dog either on his own or with one other dog. He is intelligent and alert and is slowly learning to play. We think he will be happier with female dogs but he has not shown any specific problems with males.






Minimum Donation: 5,00


Additional information

Date of Birth

DOB: 28/10/2014