ALFIE – BOY PUPPY medium size as an adult

Alfie was luckily found with his three brothers, abandoned in a bag in open countryside in the summer heat. Luckily they were found and taken to a local vet who pronounced them healthy. We took two of the boys in and Sooty is now in his forever home. Alfie was also adopted locally but unfortunately his adopters found that a lively puppy was just too much for them at their current stage in life. They had never had a puppy before but otherwise offered an excellent home and indeed taught Alfie several puppy basics in the few weeks he was with them. They are very sad to see him be re-homed and emphasized that Alfie is not at fault in any way they were just not prepared for how much a lively puppy can be like a toddler so decided the best thing was for him to be re-homed sooner rather than later!

Alfie is confident, loving and not averse to a little mischief…and he is now back in his original foster home. He needs his forever home sooner rather than later…….

Main photo was taken end of October….

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