AXL was found abandoned by a petrol station just off the motorway. He was very stressed in the perrera. He is now in Foster care, living with other dogs very happily and is a normal youngster of around 7 months. He settled very quickly and is simply a typical lovely mastin cross. Due to a time waster who had him reserved for two months (due to travel in January) Axl is still waiting for his forever home, he is just a lovely affectionate bright dog who gets on well with othe dogs. He is 9 months now (January 2018) and 35kg but still growing. Here is what his Foster family has to say about him (verbatim)

Axl is a stunningly handsome dog of about 9 months and very different from the frightened little pup that came to us via Amethyst Rescue Spain from the perrera at Baza. His colouration is like a brindle dog but in larger patches-black, gold, silver and bronze, and his eyes are very dark. He is intelligent, walks on lead but loves to run on the campo and comes back when called or when you whistle. He will do “sit” and “down” for a treat. He is completely house trained, but remember in Spain our back door is always open in the day and he always goes into the garden with the others when we say “bedtime”. But he is bright enough to adapt to whatever routine you have. He is long legged and has a clumsy chaotic run, it’s almost as though having had his tail chopped off to a cute little stump has left him rudderless. As we have 2 smaller puppies that we are fostering Axl is now having the puppy time that he missed out on. He plays tug of war, will chase a ball and bring it to you, loves a big old soft football that he can carry easily and chew too rather than a tennis ball. Oh and he can’t catch for toffee! Axl loves water and puts his feet in the drinking buckets we have in the garden, so there are always footprints everywhere. He gets on well with all the other dogs and will even lie close to Tiger on occasion, which is brave as he can be such a grump! He is not cat tested as such but pays no heed to the resident cats at the vets. He sleeps on his own bed upstairs but always jumps on our bed for a cuddle in the morning lying between us belly up waiting for a tickle. There isn’t a mean bone in his body,. Axl enjoys human company and doesn’t like to be left for too long or he pines and needs stimulation, if left in the garden he will chew plants and dig holes and he has carried a shoe and a jacket into the garden, and demolished a Kong type toy. As with any new dog you will need to be vigilant at first. I love this dog and have no qualms that he will make a wonderful family pet, had he come to us before our other three rescue dogs he would be ours, and you can’t get a better recommendation than that.

Axl would be happies being homed with at least one other dog as he loves the company of other dogs.

Minimum Donation: 5,00


Additional information

Date of Birth

7 months