BARKLAY a labrador mix

My name is Barklay. I am clean in the house but let me tell you my story……
I was found dumped when I was only two months old. Some very kind people helped me, they took me to a man who stuck things in me and said I could stay at their house. I have had my vaccinations and Dr. Vet is happy with me. My saviours have a cat, oh my, how high maintenance is this cat!!! Sadly she has a lot of health issues including asthma and me being in their house makes her have asthma attacks all the time.

I am not naughty with her, but she is Princess Pea I think as she is very poorly…….and so I have to find a proper forever home now. Princess Pea is EVIL, very bad tempered, grumpy with me and cannot carry on with so many asthma attacks……..Can I come and live with you please?

I am spayed now so cannot have any babies and I really need my forever home…….

Barklay is now in her forever home in Spain