2020 UPDATE – Bonnie has recently become inexplicably anxious so we are keeping her in foster for a while longer until we know she will settle in an adoptive home……so she is NOT AVAILABLE for adoption at present

Bonnie had more challenges in her first year of life than many of us get in a lifetime but she has overcome them all with grace. Bonnie is now ready for her forever home and is a dog who really demonstrates the power of foster. She goes to work with her foster carer and settles under the desk and is now fit and healthy. As she finds urban noise and bustle stressful Bonnie would be better off in a country home or one in a quiet area with a large garden or close to the beach. The only legacy from her past is that she does not like bus stops!

Bonnie loves her walks along the riverbed and chasing stones thrown into the water, she loves the doggie beach and is happy to play with other dogs when she gets to know them. She loves riding in the car and behaves well.
I have taken her to work with me and she behaves really well sitting under the table quietly.
Shes a good guard dog in the house and will let you know if she hears someone outside.

Bonnie measures 77 cm LONG from her collar to the beginning of her Tail and she is 65cm TALL from her paw to her shoulder. She weighs 30kg. Estimated date of birth is 1st December 2017.


Bonita (now known as Bonnie) was badly treated by her owners who physically beat her. She ended up in the perrera at Baza at just 8 months old having run away. Initally she was terrified and just huddled in a corner. She had a large wound on her leg, which has healed well, thanks to her very experienced foster carer. Poor Bonita also had kidney problems requiring a special diet, and was very anaemic with platelet deficiency as a result of Anaplasma (one of the tick fevers). Again this is all resolved now. She has really been through a lot in her young life…..

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