BRUNO DOS (to avoid confusion with a Bruno we had recently!) is about 9 -10 months old.


HEIGHT from paw to shoulder is 48 cm and

LENGTH from head to tail is 81cm.

VACCINATED AND CHIPPED WITH PASSPORT so can travel internationally

NOT CASTRATED yet as too young for his breed mix

He love walks on and off lead and he gets on with cats, dogs and even chickens. Like all dogs with some mastin in he likes to watch the world go by for a while each day, so he needs a garden. He is happy indoors too but an apartment would not suit him.

He needs a home that is not near to a really dusty track as he his vet has discovered that his skin reacts badly to really dusty areas. This is much worse in the summer. This is why he needs to be rehomed as his current owner lives in an exceptionally dusty area very near to a rambla (dry river bed) and so she has taken the heart breaking decision to put him first. You can see how loved he is in the photos.

Although he is a large dog (should not grow much bigger now) he only needs about half an hours walk each day…..


Minimum Donation: 5,00