Floyd is a mastin cross and is a happy healthy puppy. He has socialised well with the other four dogs in his Foster home. He does not chase cats or cars and is fine with other dogs.

Floyd, is an intelligent, calm youngster. He will be a big boy, a gentle giant really, probably about 50kg when fully grown. He is currently 55cm (22 inches) tall to his shoulders.

Mastins are a large breed, originally bred to guard goats. They are generally a very laid back breed and not remotely aggressive. They are not flat faced and slobbery like English mastiffs and the majority abandoned in Spain are crossed with other things.

For anyone wanting a big aggressive dog as a status symbol Floyd is not the dog for you. Mastins are possibly the gentlest breed and Floyd would not be a happy guard dog. He is very responsive to training. Contrary to expectation adult mastins do not eat a huge amount although growing pups eat more than adults do Floyd needs a daily walk and enjoys a stroll on the lead or to run free.

Floyd is a very gentle and laid back dog and will be a wonderful addition to any dog loving home, his bags are packed and Passport is in his paw all ready……

We have included photos of him with the other dogs he lives with so you can see how good he is with other dogs


Minimum Donation: 5,00


Additional information

Date of Birth

DOB 1.8.2017