Freya is 2 years old. She is a lovely, very bright and affectionate adult and ready for her forever home. She has lived in a Foster home for the vast majority of her life. She is a very active girl who will make the most fantastic pet in the right home for her. She is a dog who definitely needs some private outside space and a daily walk. Her foster carers have said “she is not an inside dog” so she could not be left for hours shut up indoors on a regular basis. She is friendly and pops in to see visitors but prefers the outdoors (spanish sun!) . This love of outdoors may be something she inherited from her mother who we understand was a norwegian lundehunde.

Freya is a dog who needs to be exercised in mind and body daily. She is affectionate, eager to please and very intelligent, so learns quickly. If she does not get the stimulation she needs then Freya can become bored and will try and escape if shut in. She can tend to get destructive when shut indoors for long periods of time so she needs a home where she will have the freedom to go indoors and outside as she wishes or to be exercised and then left to sleep in a crate while you pop out. She loves her long walk every morning with her foster sibling.

Freya is a confident, bright dog, date of birth according to vet is 1st July 2017, but she may be a month or two older…..Freya is now fully grown and we think she is aiming for the high jump record as when she is bored she likes to find something to ssee and has been known to jump a wall or out of a garden that is not enclosed to a minimum height of 2 metres (6.5 foot). She loves to watch the world go by outside and would not be happy without a view or access to a private utside space/garden.

Freya is ready to travel……she more than deserves her forever home……




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