Here is Freya, just 3 years old. Looking and hoping its her turn for a forever home……her needs are simple…..a loving human/s, her own garden and a playmate.

Freya needs an experienced dog owner please help her find her forever home….she has never had the possibility of this……Freya is all ready to go, loving, passport in bag,, spayed, vaccinated, chipped, she just needs YOU?

Freya is a special girl, she gets on very well with other dogs and ideally needs a dog companion. She is very intelligent, affectionate and likes human company when she wants it. And is very affectionate then. She is keen to please and does like to be able to roam free a little each day so she feels she has her own space so a largeish garden or access to outside space where she can be off the lead would be ideal (or a morning jogger). She just wants to explore new smells etc and has never run away.

She will be 3 years old next month (July 2020) and has been in rescue care all her life, ever since a puppy…..its time she had her forever home like her mum and brother who are both happily adopted.

She is an active girl who will be the most fantastic pet in the right home for her. She is a dog who definitely needs some outside space and a daily walk. She is not a sofa loafer. She very much prefers the outdoors (spanish sun!) which may be something she inherited from her mother who we understand was a norwegian lundehunde.

Freya will reward you in bounds, you can see how bright she is. A confident, bright dog, date of birth according to vet is 1st July 2017, but she may be a month or two older. She is now fully grown and just needs her own human.





Minimum Donation: 5,00

Additional information

Date of Birth

3 months