Marley is one of 5 puppies who were dumped by the roadside. We saved them and they were raised in a stable as the closest to a foster home environment. He was born on 1st August so is only a few months old. He is now in a temporary Foster home and is more than ready for his forever home. He can travel internationally in January 2018. Used to cats (loves them and plays with them) and horses and will be an absolutely wonderful pet. Friendly, socialized, affectionate….just the perfect puppy. Here is what his Foster mum has written about him

I am going to give you a long list as to why you would love to adopt me forever:
1/ I am totally house trained so no pee´s or poo´s in the house.
2/ I am very beautiful; that´s what everybody tells my foster Mum and Dad anyway.
3/ I am very loving especially with other dogs and humans and I love being with people and dogs. I may even like cats as I wanted to say hello to one on the wall but it wasn´t keen!
4/ I don´t seem to shed many hairs which I think is good.
5/ I sit when told (usually!).
6/ I am fairly good off the lead on the beach and the campo even though I am not fully trained yet.
7/ I am only 5 months old so you will be able to fully train me even though I am already quite a good puppy.
8/ The doggy experts say that although I will be a beautiful big boy when I am grown up, I won´t need loads of exercise. This is because I am mainly Mastin who are very lazy dogs. I am quite lazy now and I sleep a lot already!
9/ Because I am a lazy puppy I don´t need to get up early in the morning. I sleep all night and can cross my legs till as late as 9am before having to go out.
10/ I don´t bark a lot but I will bark to let you know when I want to go out or if I want some food or drink.
11/ My foster parents are in Mojacar for 8 or 9 months of the year and they are happy to look after me anytime you might be away or even take me for walks sometimes

So that´s it, pitch over! I do have a couple of naughty features like chewing and lively playing sometimes but I am only a 5 month old baby so I will grow out of them”

Minimum Donation: 5,00


Additional information

Date of Birth

4 months (DOB 1.8.2017)