Mischa was saved from the perrera when a few months old. She was terrified of everyone and verything and had little fur, muscle or fat! After a few months in Foster she is now fully recovered and ready for adoption.

Mischa is just one year old. She walks well on the lead (with a halti), is good with other dogs in public, responds well to all instructions and is a loving, bright, confident girl now. She is spayed and vaccinated and can travel internationally. She was taken to dog training by her Foster carer and is a fully rehabilitated dog who is very sociable with everyone she meets. She is NOT available as a guard dog but like all mastins she does like to monitor the perimeter to keep her family safe so a rural home would be ideal for her as she loves to watch the world go by.

Mischa is not interested in cats (was in Foster with 3 of them) but she is a dog who likes company and while she does not have abandonment issues she also does not like to be left alone for hours on end.

Mischa weighs 38kg and is a powerful (but loving) dog, not suitable for a home with younger children


Minimum Donation: 5,00