PRINCE HARRY – young adult spaniel fox terrier mix


This is what Prince Harry´s foster parents have to say about him” verbatim.

“He’s an absolute star. Learning his commands, sit, stay, wait, this way. Loves meeting other doggies out and about. Enjoys exploring around the campo. Uses an extending lead and harness with no problems. Eats almost anything, even things he shouldn’t. Dozes happily just about anywhere when he feels like it and is just so friendly with people. He’s become a real hit with all our neighbours and friends. Still not desperately fond of traveling in the car but getting better every time and has been over to Mojacar without any trouble. So generally just the perfect pupster. He is perfect furry tale ending material”

We can´t say more than that…….

Prince Harry is now fit and well after treatment for leishmaniasis too, thankfully his score was quite low, will ne re- tested this month..

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Additional information

Date of Birth

August 2018