VALIENTE – Alsatian type

Valiente is tow years old and castrated. His estimated date of birth is January 2017. He was found abandoned, chained up and just about surviving on dregs of water and scraps of bread, really in a bad way but is now bouncing with health as you can see. He has clearly been mis-treated in the past, as he is still very scared of certain types of men, spanish speaking in particular. He is a lovely intelligent dog who has been castrated. He is in a foster home where he has been learning how to be a normal young dog and as you can see looks like an Alsatian. He is ready for his forever home now but given his history we think he would be better in a home with children over 10 at least. Plays well with other dogs and is a very rewarding youngster to have.


Minimum Donation: 5,00